Bet You'll Never Guess How Many Shoes are Made in the USA?

Bet You'll Never Guess How Many Shoes are Made in the USA?

Shoes. You wear them everyday. Well, everyday you have to go out in public at least. That said, they are a necessary part of a person's wardrobe here in America. Especially since, according to recent studies, the United States makes up over 27% of the total shoe market in the world spending nearly $106 billion. That's a lot of shoes. But how many are actually being made domestically? 

I'll give you a's in the single digits. In fact, it's just about as low as you can go...


Only 1% of shoes purchased are manufactured in the United States. That's roughly 25 million. 

As Americans, we import 1.9 billion pairs of shoes each year, and the number is growing. Approximately 61% of these come from China, with another 24% being made in Vietnam.

Yet even though we are the largest consumers in the world of shoes, our market share for production remains at just 1%. 

Something needs to change. It's time to support American made footwear manufacturers. 

For years I admittedly purchased cheap flip flops from chain stores and basically lived in them. It's warm almost year round where I live so practical shoes were never a big deal. However as I've gotten older the need for more supportive footwear has become a reason to shop elsewhere. Which is what brought me to the brand I have fallen in love with, Okabashi. 

Okabashi is proud to be one of the few shoes manufacturers still remaining in the United States. Their shoes are comfortable, affordable, supportive, and completely recyclable. Their line of fashionable sandals are 45% soy by weight, and proudly BPA, latex, rubber, and phthalate-free.

Check out the collection of mens and womens sandals we carry in our shop, or take a peek at the Okabashi website for further selection. 

Treat your feet right. Give them the best American made sandals around and stand tall knowing you are supporting our local economy while also reducing the pollution and waste involved with imported footwear. 

MadFun USA; making living, working, and supporting the US economy fun again!

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