Constitution Day

Constitution Day

On September 17, 1787 the 39 delegates to the Constitutional Convention gathered for one more time to sign the document they had created we now know as the Constitution. 

This signing made the words written on paper official. 

Some people ask why the Constitution is important and argue that it is nothing more than an outdated document which should be discarded. The Constitution of the United States has served as the basis for all U.S. laws. It is the very core of what we, as a republic, stand for and represent. Our ideals, our mission, what makes America unique. The thought of abandoning it means you no longer believe in the concept of this country. As a proud American, I wish you well in your travels to find a country which better suits your needs. 

Thank you to the founding fathers of our country, the 39 men who signed the Constitution for the United States of America. 

Abraham Baldwin (GA)

Richard Bassett (DE)

Gunning Bedford Jr (DE)

John Blair (VA)

William Blount (NC)

David Brearley (NJ)

Jacob Broom (DE)

Pierce Butler (SC)

Daniel Carroll (MD)

George Clymer (PA)

Jonathan Dayton (NJ)

John Dickinson (DE)

William Few (GA)

Thomas Fitzsimons (PA)

Benjamin Franklin (PA)

Nicholas Gilman (NH)

Nathaniel Gorham (MA)

Alexander Hamilton (NY)

Jared Ingersoll (PA)

Thomas Jefferson (VA)

Daniel St Thomas Jenifer (MD)

William Samuel Johnson (CT)

Rufus King (MA)

John Langdon (NH)

William Livingston (NJ)

James Madison (VA)

James McHenry (MD)

Thomas Mifflin (PA)

Gouverneur Morris (PA)

Robert Morris (PA)

William Paterson (NJ)

C Cotesworth Pinckney (SC)

Charles Pinckney (SC)

George Read (DE)

John Rutledge (SC)

Roger Sherman (CT)

Richard Dobbs Spaight (NC)

George Washington (VA)

Hugh Williamson (NC)

James Wilson (PA)

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