Why American Made?

Why American Made?

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You may be wondering...why does shopping American made products matter? 

Purchasing American made products means you're supporting your neighbors and fellow citizens. When products are made in our country it keeps important jobs here domestically, preventing them from being outsourced and sent overseas. Plus many American made products are produced by small business owners (aka "mom and pop shops") which directly supports families across the country being able to put food on the table and keep a roof over their head.  

American-made manufacturing is protected by more safety regulations and standards than other countries in the world meaning you can rest assured that your products are safe for you and your family to use and consume. 

Since 1975, the United States has been importing more goods than it exports, making us dependent on other nations. What happens when they decide to double or triple the cost of everyday essential goods? In choosing an American made product over an imported item you can help reverse the dangerous path we have been headed down as a nation. 

Fair labor. In the US, we have a minimum wage. In many countries, women and children are used as slave labor to produce the items we use daily. They are paid little to nothing while their "employers" become wealthy and benefit from our American obsession with inexpensiv e, cheaply made products. 

Lowering the US budget deficit. Money spent in this country means tax dollars being collected. It's simple economics. By keeping our hard-earned dollars here and supporting a fellow citizen's business we are helping stimulate the process of being able to lower our deficit, improve our cities, roads, schools, and much more. 

Plus, doesn't it feel good when you see that label that says "Made in the USA?" Do you feel that sense of pride at seeing our flag? Do you understand the impact you make when you choose that item over one labeled "import" or "Made in China?" I hope so. I certainly know I do. It's a warm fuzzy feeling thinking of how my small everday choices will help ensure my neighbor can continue paying his mortgage and living in his house because he will remain employed. It's knowing that someone is overseeing the process of how my dog's food is produced so I can sleep more soundly knowing he's consuming quality, healthy ingredients. It's the peace of mind I feel wearing that new cute dress and not having to wonder if it's the product of forced labor and bloody fingers of a child slave. It's being able to show my own children that pride of country and standing by what we support is actionable and can be proven in everyday choices. 

Why do you support American made products? 

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