Kid Inventors Day

Kid Inventors Day

Kid Inventors Day celebrates young inventors in honor of the great Benjamin's Franklin's birthday. While most people think of Benjamin Franklin for his later inventions such as bifocals and the lightning rod, in addition to being a Founding Father of the United States, Mr. Franklin's first notable creation came at just 11 or 12 years old, swimming fins. 

Other child inventors include Joseph-Armand Bombardier who was at the age of 15, mounted a Ford Model T engine to four runners and posted a handmade propeller on the back to create the first snowmobile. He continued to work on his invention, and thirty years later created the world's first ultralight snowmobile. 

In 1930, at the tender age of 16, George Nissen, invented the trampoline by stretching a canvas over a metal frame. Later he perfected the design with a nylon canvas, adding to the trampoline's bounce. 

The popsicle was invented by accident when eleven-year-old Frank Epperson left the soda water powder and water concoction he was stirring outside and it froze overnight. It wasn't until seventeen years later that it became popular after he handed them out at a Fireman's ball. He patented the idea under, “Eppsicle,” but later changed it when his children began calling it a “popsicle.”

Children are incredible and can do anything! It's important to provide kids with the freedom to try new things, explore building and development, and allow for creative expression. 

Here are some fun Made in the USA toys which allow children to explore their creative side and inventive instincts:

Wikki Stix

These bendable waved yarn sticks are great for sculpting and modeling. The thin case design also makes it the perfect packable travel item to keep kids busy on the go! 

Get these Wikki Stix today for creative travel time or as the perfect Valentine's gift / Easter basket filler! 

This Made in the USA classic toy, Tinker Toys, is perfect for young inventors. 

Build, create, test, invent! Get your classic Tinker Toy set here

Crazy Aaron's Putty is a fun way for kids to get their sensory fix as well as stretch and mold their creative instincts. 

This American made putty comes in a wide variety of colors, some even with sparkles and scents! 


Get these cool putty tins here.

Dino scales here

Mermaid tail here.

All the sparkles here. 

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