Vietnam War Veterans Day

Vietnam War Veterans Day

Today marks the remembrance of a time many wish to forget in the history of the United States, the Vietnam War. While people will continue to argue the merits of our entry into the conflict, and whether it was necessary or justified, today we honor the service of those brave Americans who served in the Vietnam War.

With an estimated ten percent of the generation of the late 1950s to 1970s serving in the war, the impact of the overseas battle was strongly felt nationwide. Many Vietnam War veterans faced stigma and ostracism for fighting in a war that was unpopular with a large group of Americans. Many of these veterans said their service was taken for granted by society.

American soldiers came home to a country that largely did not want to hear about or acknowledge their service in the Vietnam War. Soldiers who did share their stories were often ridiculed and derided. For many of these veterans, the indifference of Americans to their service made it difficult for them to readjust to civilian life after they left military service as they were misunderstood or mistaken for war criminals despite their honorable service.

March 29th was chosen as the day to honor these men and women because March 29, 1973 marked the day the last US combat troops left Vietnam. The commemoration of the day was signed into law by President Donald Trump in 2017. 

Today we say thank you to those who gave of themselves to serve their country and remember the fallen. Your service and sacrifice have not been forgotten. You are seen and valued. True Americans love and appreciate you. Welcome home.

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